Japanese SOS LEG PANIC Slimming Supplement 90 Tablets



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Product name
Leg panic SOS
Raw material name
Tomorrow supinely, red chili pepper at the end of the golden ginger powder, Melilotus officinalis extract at the end of the du Zhong tea extract powder, Ginkgo biloba leaf extract powder, long pepper extract, magnesium oxide, cellulose, sucrose esters, vitamin B6
Content amount
22.5 g 250 mg x 90 tablets
Shelf life expiration date
Printed on the package.
How to save
Please store in a cool place, avoiding high temperature and humidity, direct sunlight.
Suggested usage
As functional foods (nutritional functional foods) 1, 3 to 6 grains approaching, such water or lukewarm water in grain while slowly served.
Use precautions
Has plenty of ingestion or cure disease, more is not to promote health.
Observe the amount of intake for one day.
Infants and children should avoid ingestion of this product.
Agree with those who do attempt to use.
How to take the medication, is in the hospital to specialty physician consultation prior to use.
Please reference materials show people with food allergies.
Pregnancy, please do not use because breast-feeding is such an important period.
Unlike the foshu products were, according to the Minister of health
It is not inspected individually.
Sales person
Co., Ltd. グリーンメディカル GW
Shelf life expiration date
On the separate product label
Production country
Ads responsibility
SJ International co., Ltd. TEL: 03-6328-9670

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