Hyaluronic 2-Step Eye & Face Dual Mask



  • Hyaluronic 2-Step Eye & Face Dual Mask
  • Hyaluronic 2-Step Eye & Face Dual Mask

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Feel how Step 1 Hydration Melting Patch magically melts into your skin!

  • 2-step layering care provided by melting patchesand facial mask provide intense hydrationto dry and stressed skin, leaving skin moist and comfortable.
  • [STEP 1] Intensive hydration from melting patches*:Melting patches concentrated with hyaluronic acid softly melt into skin,to provide intensive hydration to dry skin.
  • [STEP 2] Intensive hydration from microfiber sheet** mask:Sheet mask soaked in essence infusedwith 500 ppm of moisture-locking hyaluronic acidand botanical extracts hydrates and soothes skin.
* Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid Melting Patch
Each patch containing concentrated hyaluronic acid
(1,000 ppm) melts into skin to provide
intensive hydration to especially dry areas.
** 100% Natural Microfiber Sheet from Eucalyptus Tree
The light and mild sheet perfectly fits along facial contours
to fully deliver moisture and active ingredients to skin.


The following is a description of the ingredients, not the product.

Sodium Hyaluronate

The excellent moisture-retaining capabilities
of sodium hyaluronate provide concentrated
hydration for dry and rough skin.


Collagen nourishes and firms
to render skin smooth and resilient.
(Contained only in melting patch)


Panthenol is a provitamin of B5
with excellent soothing, softening,
and moisturizing effects to nurture skin
to its fullest health.
(Contained only in sheet mask)

How to Use

Daily Treatment

1. After cleansing, prime skin with toner.
2. Leave the face wet, and place hyaluronic melting patches on areas where intense hydration is needed.
 ※ Apply a small amount of toner or the mask serum on face for better adhesion of patches.
With melting patch on, take out the mask sheet and gently place on the face starting with the eye area, following the facial contours.
 ※ Let the mask sheet fully cover the patches.
Leave on for 15 minutes or longer. Remove and gently dab the remaining product into the skin.
 ※ Smoothen out the melted product from the patches over the entire face,
 allowing concentrated hyaluronic acid to evenly penetrate into the skin.

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